So great is the use of salon foot massage, how are we used to hearing about it from others? The answer lies on the surface. This procedure not only contributes…

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Massage systems
According to the modern classification, four massage systems are distinguished, which are divided into two global directions: European massage system domestic (Russian) swedish finnish other Oriental massage system. It differs…

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Massage arose at the dawn of human development. Ancient people in an attempt to eliminate pain rubbed and pressed on the sore spots. It is difficult to name a specific…

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Sports massage

Sports massage was developed and systematized by I. M. Sarkizov-Serazini on the basis of classical massage. According to the tasks of massage, the following varieties are used:

hygienic massage (in the form of self-massage, used in the morning with gymnastics);

training massage (used to strengthen muscles and physical improvement during training);

preliminary massage (used before sports performances to increase sports performance;

restorative massage (used for faster recovery after competition).

Hygienic massage

Hygienic massage is used to prevent diseases and maintain working capacity. It can be prescribed in the form of a general massage or massage of individual parts of the body.

Cosmetic massage

Cosmetic massage is prescribed for pathological changes in the skin as a means of preventing aging and improving the condition of the skin.

Self massage

Self-massage is used as part of therapeutic and sports massage. It is an additional physical activity that should be taken into account, especially with a disease of the cardiovascular system, in debilitated patients, in old age. Self-massage is recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system for use in complex treatment, as well as independently at home under the supervision of a doctor.

In medical, sports, cosmetic massage, self-massage, the use of special devices for its implementation is possible.

Hardware Massage

Hardware massage is carried out using special devices, however, they cannot replace the hands of a massage therapist and allow you to subtly differentiate the massage technique. As a rule, apparatus massage is not as effective as manual massage, however, as an addition to manual massage, if you need to receive vibration, the use of devices is possible.

In addition, hardware massage allows you to expand the possibility of applying massage to a larger number of patients, as sometimes there is a lack of massage therapists in connection with the expansion of indications for the use of this method, especially for diseases of the cardiovascular system. For diseases of the cardiovascular system, manual massage is necessary, hardware massage can be used for diseases, for example, of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, osteochondrosis of the spine without pain.

Varieties of mechanical massage are vibration massage, hydromassage, pneumatic massage, etc.

Vibro massage

For the transfer of oscillatory movements from the apparatus to the patient’s body, massage tips — vibrators — are of various shapes. Vibration apparatuses are divided into apparatuses for general vibration, which cause concussion of the whole body (vibrational “stools”, “platforms”, etc.) and apparatuses for local vibrational impact on individual parts of the body — vibration instruments, car riders of various modifications, etc.

For local vibration, the devices are portable, have a set of vibrators for use in various parts of the body. Some vibration devices operating from an electric motor have a device that allows, in addition to general passive body shaking, to perform various physical exercises for the legs. Such devices are usually used to treat patients with various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, metabolism, etc. Vibration, including hardware, as a therapeutic factor is used to treat diseases and injuries of the peripheral nervous system, joints, and gastrointestinal intestinal tract, etc.


Hydromassage is a combined effect of water jets and massage manipulations. Its implementation is possible in the following forms:

underwater shower massage;

whirlwind underwater massage;

massage under water with brushes;

manual massage under water with brushes or rain shower massage, etc.

manual massage under water with brushes or rain shower massage, etc.

When performing a manual massage procedure under water, the patient lies on the couch, the masseur massages his hands, and at the same time, the patient is in the shower, which supplies warm water under pressure up to 1 atmosphere.

Rain shower massage can also be carried out locally, directing a stream of water only to the massaged area. In some cases, a shower massage with soaping the body with special soap or shampoo is used, and at the same time, the patient lying on the couch is periodically doused with warm water during the procedure.

When performing a water-jet shower massage, that is, massage using a pressurized water jet, the patient is placed in an empty bath and massage is carried out with a water jet.

An underwater shower massage is performed using a jet of water, which is sent to a patient who is in a bath with fresh, sea or mineral water. A jet of water can be supplied under water, creating a whirlwind movement of water (whirlwind underwater massage). For this type of massage, special devices are used that supply a stream of water under pressure. To perform these procedures, the dimensions of the bathtubs must be larger than normal.

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