Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen: contraindications for home use
Anti-cellulite massage is a complex mechanical effect on a woman’s skin to eliminate and reduce characteristic tubercles. The technique for performing this procedure involves the use of various types of…

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Shaping massage
With colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and other attempts to raise body temperature. To reduce it, antibiotics are usually used. Sulfanilamide preparations, etc., but this usually not only normalizes the temperature, but…

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Types, forms and methods of massage
In the world there are so many types of massage. Sometimes the same type of massage can be called different terms (for example, classic and Swedish). Almost any type of…

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Segmentary reflex massage

Massage of reflex zones has a more complete regulatory and normalizing effect on metabolic processes, secretory activity and other body functions. With segmental reflex exposure, four main massage techniques are used:





They also use auxiliary methods:

hatching, sawing, felting, stretching, etc.

Classical and segmental massage techniques can be performed sequentially or independently. The sequence of techniques in the technique of segmental massage is clearly designed and allows the massage therapist to allow retreats. This technique uses the techniques of classic massage: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration. The basis of the technique is the effect on the muscles in order to maximize their stretching, while the direction of the massage movements should correspond to the course of the muscle fibers of the massed muscle or muscle group. The impact is carried out sequentially from superficial to deeper layers of tissue.

The impact on the most painful points during segmental massage is carried out as early as possible and only with severe pain from this rule depart. Massage of the extremities is included after a 3–6 session, gradually adding areas in the following sequence: thigh, lower leg, foot. Accordingly: shoulder, forearm, hand.

A variety of segmental reflex massage is acupressure, in which narrowly limited parts of the body are massaged. The choice of points is determined by their functional activity and topographic correspondence of the projection of nerve trunks and neurovascular bundles passing through the tissues.


Therapeutic massage is used for various diseases and injuries. This type of massage is widely used in complex treatment in medical institutions, representing the so-called classic massage, the foundations of which were laid in the XVIII century.

K. Ling was offered Swedish medical massage. However, this massage is significantly different from the classic. The task of this massage is to knead the seals, to stretch the neurovascular bundles, muscles, and not to seek to improve blood circulation and lymph circulation. Swedish massage is not carried out in the direction of lymph flow, as is customary in classical massage, but vice versa.

The massage technique is based on the identification of seals in the tissues during the procedure and changes in techniques depending on the detected deviations. Swedish massage techniques are more energetic, intense, strong. When performed, it should penetrate as deep as possible into the tissue, to the bone itself.

However, when performing a Swedish massage, ignoring the method of kneading in case of damage to the musculoskeletal system affects large muscles does not improve blood circulation, eliminate venous stasis, does not provide tissue with oxygen and does not improve metabolism in the muscles. In addition, the strong and energetic methods adopted in the Swedish system do not correspond to modern concepts about the advisability of using physical methods of treatment in dosages that are strictly adequate to the functional state of the body. Therefore, in general, in our country, Swedish massage is not used in medicine and sports.

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Shaping massage
With colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and other attempts to raise body temperature. To reduce it, antibiotics are usually used. Sulfanilamide preparations, etc., but this usually not only normalizes the temperature, but…


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