Massage therapy is the main pathogenetic method for the treatment and prevention of injuries and diseases. Medical massage, like any other type of massage, with the right choice of its…

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Massage arose at the dawn of human development. Ancient people in an attempt to eliminate pain rubbed and pressed on the sore spots. It is difficult to name a specific…

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Facial massage, as a rule, is represented by a huge variety, and each, even the most demanding, client can choose for himself one that can solve specific individual problems with…

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Modern massage involves the use of new technologies or any latest practices.

An innovation of our time is a hardware massage, which is performed by special devices programmed for specific techniques. Massagers are also common today – small devices that generate mostly vibrational pulses.

In today’s world, authoring techniques are gaining popularity. This is a specific sequence of actions that solves the problem.

Author’s methods:

Alexander Ogulov, professor of traditional medicine, developed his own system of massage of the abdomen, which is based on the old Russian teaching of healing.
Alexander Ivanov – his recovery massage helps literally rise from the knees of weak patients. It works with soft tissues, joints and internal organs.
Evgeni Litvichenko – practices a typological approach. He believes that massage techniques should be applied individually, therefore, a preliminary diagnosis of the patient is highlighted as a particularly important procedure.
Nowadays, massage is developing and gaining popularity. New tools and devices appear. Well-known figures of medicine are developing author’s strategies, introducing new into classical methods.

The indication should not be the presence of any disease. Massage can be performed by anyone to prevent diseases and increase overall muscle tone.

Indications for the procedure are headaches, back, neck and spine pains, arthritis, hypertension and hypotension, neuralgia and neuritis, diseases of the stomach and duodenum (ulcers, gastritis), diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma).

Note! Massages help with sprains, bruises and even fractures at any stage of healing. They help develop broken joints and limbs, learn how to move again.

Also the indication is the presence of angina pectoris, static or flaccid paralysis, myalgia, myositis. Massage is carried out for rehabilitation in the post-infarction period.

A man works with a patient using a special technology. In some cases, a massage can cause unpredictable consequences or aggravate the course of the disease.

It is not necessary to carry out procedures for blood diseases, inflammation of the blood and lymph vessels, allergic diseases with manifestations on the surface of the skin.

Contraindications are any purulent formations, the presence of a fungus, malignant tumors, complications after operations.

Strict contraindications are diseases such as gangrene, syphilis, tuberculosis, acute myocardial ischemia, osteomyelitis and lymphadenitis.

Massage practices really help to cope with various life situations – get rid of fatigue, gain strength, it is easier to endure or completely get rid of any disease.

On the pages of this site we will try to tell you as much as possible about massage practices, techniques and accessories that help people cope with problems.

Dear visitors, pay attention to the pictures in the article and the selected video materials. These elements of the article are selected for a better disclosure of the topic.

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