Massage arose at the dawn of human development. Ancient people in an attempt to eliminate pain rubbed and pressed on the sore spots. It is difficult to name a specific…

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All movements of the body and limbs are provided by the muscular system. Individual tissues contract, return to their original position, providing the necessary processes. If for some reason a…

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The best relaxing massage is full of sensuality, incomparable, emotional relaxation for the beautiful half of our planet. Getting a portion of pleasant sensations, you can not only relax completely,…

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Massage arose at the dawn of human development. Ancient people in an attempt to eliminate pain rubbed and pressed on the sore spots.

It is difficult to name a specific place of origin of this teaching. Methods of rubbing painful parts of the body appeared on different continents in parallel.

References to special medical schools, in which massage was one of the disciplines, have reached the present. These schools existed in the VI century BC in China. Inscriptions on sarcophagi and records in ancient papyruses indicate the use of massage by Persians, Assyrians and Egyptians 4 thousand years BC.

Note! In the ancient world, massage was revered for its unique analgesic effect. Well-known figures of their time Avicenas and Hippocrates closely studied this lesson.

Later, the growing Christianity recognized massage as a product of paganism, and struggled in every way with this occupation. Only 300 years ago they started talking about him again as a useful medical procedure.

During this time, massage was firmly entrenched in the scientific works and practices of famous scientists. Today it is described by outstanding physicians, recognizing its healing properties.

Our predecessors learn the essence of treatment. The main methods were formed in ancient times. In different schools, there are many massage techniques – basic and additional. But, if we consider the classical directions, we can distinguish four main tricks.

Basic massage techniques:

Rubbing – hands act on body tissues with constant pressure, but without taking into account aspiration in one direction – that is, hands move in different directions. When pressure is applied to the body, the pain threshold is taken into account.
Stroking – hands act on the body with pressure, and move in one direction. The pressure of the palm corresponds to its severity. There are different types of stroking, for example, grasping and flat.
Blows – rhythmic blows to the body are performed. Impacts can be performed with both the palm and its edge. It is important to calculate strength so that the blows are not painful.
Kneading – body tissues are deeply captured by the palms and rhythmic movements are performed with a constant change in pressure. Kneading is carried out with the desire in a certain direction, can be intermittent and continuous.
In addition to the basic ones, many additional techniques are used that are characteristic of many practices. There are also unique techniques that are characteristic only for certain techniques.

Classifying massage types is quite difficult. It turns out too many intersections of different types, and some massages are used for several purposes at once. Or several techniques are used to achieve one effect.


Initially, all types can be divided into 2 categories: general and local. In the first case, massage is performed for the whole body, and secondly, for a certain area or part of the body.

You can classify according to the method used: procedures can be performed with hands, feet, special apparatus, instruments or massagers.

Massage classification according to the problem to be solved:

Classic – designed to increase overall muscle tone.
Medical – to treat certain diseases and restore the body after illness.
Gynecological – works with the pelvic area, improves blood circulation in the specified part of the body.
Sports – restores muscles after training, overstrain. Prepares them for the upcoming loads.
Self-massage – techniques that allow you to perform massage techniques yourself at home.
Children’s – solves various problems and tasks regarding children. Separately, one can distinguish massage for newborns, which tempers the baby from the very beginning of life.
Cosmetic – eliminates flaws in appearance. Helps strengthen the skin, make it firmer and more elastic.
According to the method of exposure to the body, massage can be divided into manual, hardware and mixed. Manual – done by hand, hardware – by special devices. With mixed massage, both manual type and hardware type are used.

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