Each new working day is usually associated with stress, nervous situations, making important decisions, a lot of experiences for various reasons. That is why the healing power of massage has…

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Hygienic massage
Massage used to promote health, body care, disease prevention, relieve fatigue (overwork), etc., is called hygienic. Hygienic massage was used by ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek warriors as a means…

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Facial massage, as a rule, is represented by a huge variety, and each, even the most demanding, client can choose for himself one that can solve specific individual problems with…

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Narrow tissue types of massage

1. Massage acting on the muscle system.

a) Applied Kinesiology

It is based on the fact that each specific muscle function is associated with a particular function of the body. Rubbing the reflex points on the surface of the body can cause changes in the functional capabilities of the muscles.

b) Deep muscle massage – includes various forms of exposure to the deep layers of muscle tissue.

c) Deep muscle massage according to Pfimmer is a massage of muscle fibers in the transverse direction on both sides. The domestic analogue is the deep friction method according to Abrikosov.

d) Muscle loops according to Girlich. Tense muscle groups that can be located throughout the body are massaged,

e) Myotherapy

Tactics of manipulating trigger points. By pressure on particularly sensitive points, pain localized anywhere can be relieved.

2. Effects on connective tissue:

but). Connective tissue massage Liebe and Dicke (1948, 1968)

Improves the condition of pathologically changed areas of connective tissue. A therapeutic effect was noted for diseases of the internal organs, blood vessels, joints.

b) “Rolfing” by Dr. Ida P. Rolf A profound effect on body tissue to stimulate the collagen base of connective tissue. The body loses its rigidity, and gravity fixes the connective tissue in its natural position.

at). “Estonia – Patterning”

Deep massage of connective tissue tension areas in combination with the setting of movements, the formation of their new stereotypes in patients.

d). Hellerwerk (1978)

Deep connective tissue massage aimed at stimulating functions, developing the body’s motor functions and communicating through dialogue.

3. Impact on the skeletal system:

but). Periostal Massage Vogler and Krauss (1953)

Rhythmic methods of deep grinding with pressure on the periosteum. In this case, there is a direct effect in the disease of the periosteum, bones, joints, on these formations, as well as a reflex effect on other organs.

b) Manual therapy:

– Osteopathy

Used manipulations, massage and mobilization techniques, as well as some drugs. The technique of long levers with fixation points on the head, limbs, and body is used. In this case, the effect on the spine is better localized and less painful than with chiropractic.

– Chiropractic

The short leverage technique is used here, this is when the fixation point is on the processes and vertebral bodies themselves and the effect on them is direct. Static palpation diagnostics and x-ray examination of patients are used.

– Manual medicine

Domestic symbiosis of the first two methods. It includes a set of diagnostic and therapeutic manual techniques aimed at identifying and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system, manifested in the form of functional articular blockade, hypermobility and regional postural muscle imbalance.

c) Craniosacral therapy

Manipulations on the bones of the skull, effects on the lining of the brain and ligaments of the brain, effects on the cerebrospinal fluid washing the spinal cord and brain. The technique is based on a misconception about the mobility of skull sutures, even in adulthood. Potentially traumatic type of exposure.

4. Impact on adipose tissue

The only representative of this group is anti-CPA (cellular pathology of agipacitis) or in everyday life, “anti-cellulite” massage (massage for non-surgical figure modeling in women).

Other types of massage:

– according to Manakov

– according to Kuznetsov

– water massage

– can

– cryomassage

– gynecological

– auricle

– Guasha

– spanish

– Tibetan

– chocolate

– thai

– honey

– tantric

– body massage

– Champi massage

– mexican




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Hygienic massage
Massage used to promote health, body care, disease prevention, relieve fatigue (overwork), etc., is called hygienic. Hygienic massage was used by ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek warriors as a means…


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