Each new working day is usually associated with stress, nervous situations, making important decisions, a lot of experiences for various reasons. That is why the healing power of massage has…

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Types, forms and methods of massage
In the world there are so many types of massage. Sometimes the same type of massage can be called different terms (for example, classic and Swedish). Almost any type of…

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So great is the use of salon foot massage, how are we used to hearing about it from others? The answer lies on the surface. This procedure not only contributes…

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Types of massage

A single classification of massage does not currently exist. The currently accepted generally accepted schemes for the separation of massage groups and methods are not, in our opinion, complete and do not give an objective idea of ​​all types of massage that a practicing massage therapist may encounter in his professional activity.

We separate the types of massage according to purpose and physiology of influence, narrow-tissue types, as well as forms and methods of massage.

Massage systems

The difference between one massage system and another lies in the diversity and sequence of techniques, techniques and methods. European and eastern systems are distinguished, of which the European ones have been studied in sufficient detail and are widely applicable, while the eastern ones are penetrating more and more intensively into the practice of European masseurs every year.

More details:

Massage systems.

Massage systems (or schools) are usually divided into two large groups – European and Eastern. The European system, in turn, includes Russian (or Soviet), as well as Swedish and Finnish schools. These schools, with slight differences in technology, are radically different in the direction of massage movements:

a) Soviet (Russian) school of massage

Massage movements are performed along the lymphatic current to the location of the nearest lymph nodes. Basic techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration.

b) Swedish massage

Performed against lymphatic current. Basic techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading, movement.

c) Finnish massage

Performed against lymphatic current. It has a limited number of techniques, including kneading with fingertips. Ineffective, not widely used. (But borrowing techniques from the Swedish and Russian systems, it began to be used on flat muscles)

d) Oriental massage

The direction of massage movements both from the periphery to the center, and from the center to the periphery (based on the traditional Eastern teaching on the circulation of energy “Chi” in a living organism according to a strictly defined cycle along conditional lines called meridians (channels)).

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