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Therapeutic back massage

What are the rules of therapeutic back massage at home?

In the presence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the list of rehabilitation measures includes therapeutic treatment, physiotherapy and therapeutic back massage, which relieves pain, improves hemodynamics, strengthens atrophied muscles, and increases the sensitivity of nerve endings.

The relevance of therapeutic back massage
You need to take care of your body, because your health as a whole directly depends on this, as well as the ability to easily perform the work planned for the day. In this sense, a therapeutic massage of the back and neck is exactly what will help you regain strength after a hard day.

Therapeutic back massage
Muscles are dynamically involved during almost any vital activity. In order for them to work correctly, they need to be looked after. Even an independent therapeutic back massage at home has a positive effect on muscle tissue.

Therapeutic back massage is extremely important. The constant loads to which the muscles are exposed throughout the day make them tense and clogged. Therefore, in order for the intervertebral discs to recover over night, the back must be relaxed. If you do not start yourself and competently work with the muscles, then the health of the spine and back as a whole will remain much longer.

Therefore, therapeutic massage is of great importance in maintaining the correct condition of the back muscles and discs of the spine. It is worth noting that his course, performed by a competent professional, is able to restore blood pressure indicators, activate oxygen-containing cells, open auxiliary capillaries, improve heart function and organize faster delivery of beneficial substances to body tissues.

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The main types of therapeutic back massage
Classical. It is the most common and sought after. This massage has no age restrictions.

Therapeutic back massage_classical
Acupressure of the back. Its second name is acupuncture. The meaning of this type is that during massage there is an effect on specific points responsible for certain organs.

Therapeutic back massage_point
Vibro massage is one of the options for hardware massage, the meaning of which is to transmit vibrational movements by a vibrating apparatus, which vary in frequency and deviation.

Medical back massage_vibromassage
Hydromassage is another version of hardware massage, during which the action of water jets on specific parts of the body occurs.

Therapeutic back massage_hydromassage
Cupping back massage. Improves blood circulation. The execution technique is based on the use of specialized medical cans.

Medical back massage
There are the following types of back massage, which can only be prescribed by a doctor:

relaxing (helps relieve fatigue and tension, cheer up, can cope with internal anxieties and feelings);

lymphatic drainage (characterized by cleansing and anti-aging properties, removes excess fluid from the body);

anti-cellulite (has a softening effect on the skin, makes the figure slimmer, a good helper in the fight against cellulite);

therapeutic massage, indicated for various pathologies of the spine (with scoliosis, hernia, osteochondrosis and other problems, helps to cope with pain, regulates blood flow in the muscles, has a relaxing effect, relieves cramps).

masazh i spa
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The right technique for therapeutic back massage
Each specific disease determines the technique according to which massage will be performed. They, of course, differ from each other, but the main points and principles are the same.

The hands of a massage therapist should always be stretched before work and should not be cold. Before the start of the session, the patient takes a horizontal position, lying on his stomach, then a special gel is applied to the massaged areas of the body, which heats the skin and provides gliding. In principle, it is not so difficult to master the algorithm of the action of therapeutic back massage. The lessons of professionals are freely available on the Internet.

Therapeutic back massage_technique
There is a certain procedure in accordance with which a therapeutic back massage is performed.

The technique is as follows:

Stroking the back is the first step. They are performed by movements that resemble a circle or zigzag along the trajectory from the lower back to the neck. Despite the fact that the subject of the treatment procedure is the spine, the line of the spinal column should not be involved.

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