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Cryomassage (ice massage)
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Inexperienced mothers and fathers often do not know when to start a massage for a newborn. Everyone has heard that massage procedures bring parents and the child very close together and allow them to form a close contact. But the feelings remain, because the baby is not yet strong enough and unskillful movements can cause him discomfort.

What about parents?

In the first months of life, massage as such is not practiced if the child is absolutely healthy. Therapists and neurologists suggest using only some of its elements, namely light massaging strokes, which are easy to perform at home. They will help to establish communication between the child and the mother.

Provided the technician performs correctly, massage at home helps:

normalization of the nervous system;
digestion improvement;
metabolic stimulation;
increase immunity;
development of coordination of movements.
In addition, such bodily contact will allow the baby to feel calm and protected in her mother’s hands.

There are different types of massage treatments. All varieties, except for general strengthening, are prescribed by a doctor, since their implementation requires special skills.

Next, we consider what kind of massage for children up to a year can be applied depending on the state of health of the child.

This type is intended to enhance the health of the baby, increase the protective functions of his body. It is general because it affects the body as a whole, and is not aimed at solving a specific problem. Often, preventive massage for babies does not provide for any specific techniques, so parents can cope on their own.

Massage therapy is necessary if any pathologies are diagnosed. In this case, the procedures will be aimed at eliminating them.

A corrective type of massage is required to consolidate the results of the treatment course. It is performed by the attending physician or pediatric masseur.

As for the techniques, the exercises in their technique are also different from those that apply to adults. Among them prevail:

Light and smooth strokes improve blood circulation and relax muscles. It is from these calming movements that a massage for a month-old baby consists, because it is too early to switch to more active methods.

Rubbing in its specificity is more intense than stroking. At the same time, they also improve blood circulation, and in addition, they warm the muscles.

Kneading has a deeper effect than the previous type of exercise. But still, all circular and progressive movements should not be rude.

With normal and healthy development, massage courses are prescribed for children aged 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. If you do not know how many massage sessions your child needs to do, consult a specialist. Most often, one course is 10 procedures. The frequency of their conduct will be determined by the doctor.

As a rule, a general massage for children is not necessary to do daily – sometimes you can carry out procedures every other day. The main thing is to stick to the appointed schedule so that everything is systematic.

As for the favorable time of day for conducting sessions, the opinions of experts are ambiguous. Most believe that you need to take into account the characteristics of their offspring. If the child is most active in the morning, then massage procedures are best performed at this time.

Massage for babies is carried out an hour before feeding or an hour after it, so that children do not feel discomfort. An important condition is a good mood and a healthy condition of the child.

In the classes you can alternate massage techniques and light gymnastics. Very often, treatment courses include exercises on the ball, diving.

Children under the age of one year develop intensively, acquiring new skills every month. However, it cannot be said exactly what month of life what exercises to apply. Everything is individual and depends on the development of a particular child, his general condition.

In any case, you need to start with the most light movements – stroking the legs, arms, back, chest. Massage for the tummy of the newborn is not done until the umbilical ring heals.

They return to each part of the body several times. The total duration of the session at first should not exceed 5 minutes. Further, rubbing, kneading, and accurate tingling are added to the procedures. The duration of classes increases to 10-15 minutes.

When the baby gets used to passive movements, it is possible to pass to active-passive. This means that the child’s foot massage and work with his hands will include more gymnastic elements. At first, the baby learns to perform them with the help of a doctor or parents, and at the stage of active movements can already do them without support.

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