A gorgeous figure, a reed waist and a perfectly flat belly - this is how we can describe in a few words the standard of elegance and beauty of a…

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History of massage
Massage has long been used for the purpose of non-drug prevention and treatment of diseases. For millennia, massage techniques and techniques have been constantly improved. Therefore, over time, it not…

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Salon hand skin care is almost always effective and useful. It can rightly be called a universal remedy. Procedures help to strengthen not only overall physical, but also mental health.…

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Neck massage

Self-massage of the neck should be done in the morning: after cleaning, the skin needs to be lubricated with cream. After this, it is necessary to carry out several patting movements on the skin with a squeezed towel, which was moistened in cool salted water.

To perform massage in the neck, you can use a brush, but its bristles should not be too stiff. When conducting massaging movements, special care should be taken: the area of ​​the thyroid gland should not be affected.

Before moving on to massaging movements, it is necessary to prepare the skin: it needs to be cleaned, warmed and lubricated with a nourishing cream. Apply the cream with gentle stroking movements from the bottom up, gradually moving the palms to the chin. When massaging the skin should not stretch.

At the initial stage, the inside of the fingers should be stroking the upper part of the neck: movements should be performed in the transverse direction from the left auricle to the right and back. After this, it is necessary to perform striking the outer surface of the four fingers of both hands, tightly pressed against each other.

Swinging movements should be done at a slow pace, they should not cause pain. If the stripping procedure is carried out correctly, then only slightly noticeable redness remains on the skin surface.

This technique reduces body fat.

As a next step, you need to rub the skin of the neck. Straight fingers of both hands should perform movements directed towards each other, which imitate the sawing process.

The grinding movements should be directed in opposite directions and run parallel to each other.

First, massage the right half of the neck at the corner of the lower jaw, gradually moving to the left half through the central part, and then again return to the center.

Neck massage should be completed by stroking.

To achieve the greatest effect, it is recommended to use a hot moist compress (warm oil or warm mashed potato compress) before self-massage.

Compresses from a decoction of herbs: plantain, chamomile, sage, have a beneficial effect on the skin.

To maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin of the neck, ice massage should be performed. Using a piece of ice, you need to conduct circular massaging movements in the direction of the skin lines.

When performing self-massage with ice for the first time, it should be placed in a napkin. During the procedure, care must be taken, you can not touch the thyroid gland.

When the massage is completed, the skin must be treated with lotion and greased with cream. Self-massage can be used in combination with contrasting compresses.

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