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In the cervical-collar region are the most important elements of the muscular, nervous system. Circulatory disturbance, adhesions, salt deposits adversely affect the condition of the whole organism, and cause serious diseases. Neck massage in Moscow is one of the most popular preventive and therapeutic procedures. The specifics of modern life makes the cervical-collar department at risk. Professional massage eliminates existing problems.

Neck massage appointment

The main posture of modern man has become a sitting position. Universal mechanization, computerization significantly narrowed the areas requiring vigorous activity. We spend most of our lives on television screens, computer monitors, and transport. At this time in the collar zone:

muscle tension is formed;
blood and lymph movements are disturbed;
the vertebrae of the cervical spine are in the wrong position.
Neck massage in Moscow is in demand among office workers, institutions, professional drivers and motorists. Doctors recommend this preventive procedure to every person. As a treatment, it is prescribed for sleep disorders, dizziness and pain, high blood pressure, diseases of the spine.

Procedure results

Professional neck massage in Moscow is carried out in clinics, beauty salons, and private offices of specialists. A qualified, experienced masseur selects the technique taking into account the condition of the patient, the purpose of the procedure. The massage uses stroking, kneading, rubbing, vibration. During the procedure, the patient can lie, sit.

Massage of the cervical collar:

eliminates the feeling of discomfort;
eliminates the feeling of fatigue;
activates the supply of oxygen to the brain;
restores energy balance;
increases joint mobility.
After the procedure, an improvement in well-being is observed, attention is concentrated, and working capacity is increased. Normalization of blood circulation in this important zone, the removal of spasms and tension has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

The high popularity enjoyed by professional neck massage in Moscow is largely due to the ability of this procedure to relieve stress and eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome. In megacities, half of the working population faces such a problem.

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