According to statistics, 20% of the world's population experiences back pain. There are many reasons for this problem; getting rid of it is very difficult. Among the effective remedies that…

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The first type is sports massage. This type is used to improve the athlete's shape, relieve fatigue and increase tone, as well as for the prevention of the musculoskeletal system.…

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Types, forms and methods of massage
In the world there are so many types of massage. Sometimes the same type of massage can be called different terms (for example, classic and Swedish). Almost any type of…

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Deep depression caused by prolonged stress, a tragic event, is observed infrequently. But a state of despair, despondency, a decrease in interest in life periodically appears in many. If you do not take measures, allow the situation to develop, a nervous breakdown, the development of a serious disease that requires the help of doctors is not ruled out. In the fight against stress, depressive states, not only drugs help. Special therapeutic massage in Moscow is offered in many clinics.

Massage in the fight against depression

A modern person has to deal with various stresses daily. If the psychological background is weakened, the body cannot withstand these attacks. The formation of chronic stress disrupts the hormonal system. In large quantities, adrenaline and cortisol begin to be produced. The increased content of these hormones negatively affects the entire body.

The risk group includes residents of the metropolis who fall into negative situations in public transport, on the street, in public places, at work. Therefore, antidepressant therapeutic massage in Moscow is very popular.

During the procedure, the specialist carefully studies the joints, tendons, ligaments. It:

stimulates the movement of blood;
relieves muscle tension;
activates the synthesis of serotonin, endorphin;
promotes relaxation.
Stimulation of blood circulation provides an active supply of oxygen and nutrition to cells, the functioning of systems and organs is restored. Elimination of clamps, tension positively affects the state of muscles, fatigue, discomfort disappears.

Undergo the procedure for preventive purposes, to improve well-being, everyone can. Doctors also use antidepressant therapeutic massage in Moscow. It is included in the treatment complexes of neurosis, asthenia, and other disorders.

Features of antidepressant massage

Important attention in the antidepressant massage is given to the study of all parts of the body in which the clamps are created, blood stasis is formed, tension appears. But in this procedure, it is necessary to create the proper psychological atmosphere to obtain the maximum effect. Therefore, therapeutic massage in Moscow is carried out in specially equipped rooms. The appropriate attitude is provided by:

cozy interior;
aromatic lamps;
pleasant music.
The procedure is performed by qualified craftsmen, which guarantees high quality results

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