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Many, according to an already established tradition, believe that hand massage for a man is, in a way, an excess. However, statistics show that it is massage that can fill a man with energy, self-confidence, swiftness, the ability to clear his mind of everything superfluous and achieve success. How to set it up to achieve all the goals set, how to inspire to commit worthy deeds?

Hand massage is a simple and extremely useful service that can really be the perfect complement to a general massage of the whole body. Many reflexologists are sure that there are many biologically active points on the palms and fingers, and a certain effect on them, in turn, affects the internal organs and general well-being, helps to relax and enjoy.

The centuries-old practice shows that massage of both hands and other parts of the body is able to restore harmony, beauty, vitality, health to a person. To do this without taking into account the anatomical features of the zone of the hands, a careful selection of techniques and means, is practically not possible. The most popular for the male half of the population are:

1. Point or sous-jock. The technique of its implementation is based on the theory of the relationship of internal organs with the feet and hands. Thus, by stimulating certain points using circular motions, they have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive organs, brain, heart, lungs, liver, and urogenital system.

2. Manicure. The technique is based on the use of ointments and creams. The main goal of such procedures is hand skin care, nail strengthening and plate strengthening.

The most important reason for the popularity of hand massage for men is the amazing healing power. During the session, the man’s body is filled with energy and the following occurs:
1. The mobility of the joints is increasing.
2. The body is cleared of excess fluid, strong swelling goes away.
3. The body produces endorphins, substances that block pain.
4. Blood flow is improved, and the work of the heart and blood vessels is strengthened.
5. Metabolism improves, weight returns to normal.
6. Significantly increases the movement of lymph, which helps to eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the body.
7. Performance is normal.
8. The appearance of the skin becomes fresher and cleaner
9. The work of the sebaceous and sweat glands comes back to normal.
10. Strengthening ligaments.

And the main advantage is the stabilization of the nervous system, improves mood, there is a surge of energy and freedom of movement.

However, contraindications for massage in men are:
1. Serious violations of the skin of the hands
2. Fungal diseases
3. Oncological diseases
4.Allergic dermatitis
5. Concomitant infection or inflammation

In general, any hand massage for men in our salon brings a positive effect on certain parts of the body and helps to improve the condition. It is possible to cure a serious illness, relax, and get rid of cosmetic defects.

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