MASSAGE RECEPTIONS In the Russian classical school of massage, there are 4 main and several additional techniques for its implementation: 1. Stroking: - mechanical impact on biological tissue with the…

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Skin makes up about 20% of the total mass of the human body. Its importance for the normal functioning of internal organs is difficult to overestimate. It protects the body…

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Classic, plastic, lymphatic drainage facial massage
You know very well that if you train the muscles of our body, then at almost any age they will become more dense and elastic, and the body more toned.…

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Salon hand skin care is almost always effective and useful. It can rightly be called a universal remedy. Procedures help to strengthen not only overall physical, but also mental health. It can serve as an excellent preventive measure to prevent the development of various diseases.

Depending on the destination, massage techniques can be:
4. Therapeutic
5. Rehabilitation

As a rule, salon procedures can be either manual or hardware.

Manual equipment is more gentle, it can be harmful in rare cases, the hardware using instruments provides for the execution of the procedure under strict control. This type of procedure must be tested in advance, so as not to lead to the opposite effect, because the quality and frequency of pressure, stroking can no longer be regulated by a person. If the slightest discomfort occurs, such procedures should be discontinued.

Despite the abundance of various kinds of massage techniques, they are united by a common feature-positive effect on overall well-being. Significant benefits of massage for hands are explained by the fact that at the time of the procedure, human tissues receive a maximum of nutrients and oxygen, which helps to normalize blood flow. Metabolic processes return to normal, not allowing toxins to be in the body for a long time, improve the functioning of the nervous system.

Hand massage in the salon helps to improve mental health, reduce muscle tension and spasmodic events, normalizes blood circulation in the body, helps fight insomnia, chronic fatigue and depression, and enrich body tissues for rejuvenation.

Much has already been said about the benefits of the classical technique of hand massage. As a result of its use, digestion returns to normal, immunity increases, the hormone “happiness” is produced, muscle tissue becomes elastic due to the burning of fat deposits. It is recommended that classical hand massage be performed in a comprehensive manner so that the effectiveness is aimed at restoring the body. If you take a course with a preventive goal, it will help you to stay in high spirits and feel good.

Among the significant positive aspects of the classical massage technique for the skin of the hands are:
1. Pore cleansing to remove toxic substances
2. Removal of dead cells from the protective layer – epidermis
3. Normalization of functions associated with sweat and sebaceous ducts
4. Bringing the skin condition to perfection (firmness and elasticity)
5. Normalization of lymph flow
6. Saturation of the skin with nourishment and oxygen
7. Return to the skin a healthy shade

It is also worth noting that when exposed to the area of ​​the hands, a significant effect is exerted on increasing or decreasing the reaction of nerve fibers, which is precisely the impetus for improving the functionality of internal organs.

The nerve fibers of a person get really great benefit from hand massage, which accelerate regenerative processes, establish the interaction of brain activity with the general work of organs, muscle and vascular system.

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