Narrow tissue types of massage
1. Massage acting on the muscle system. a) Applied Kinesiology It is based on the fact that each specific muscle function is associated with a particular function of the body.…

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Despite the fact that at present a lot of advertised massage apparatus, and canned massage is in fashion, classic types of massage are still in demand. Naturalness will always be…

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Modern massage involves the use of new technologies or any latest practices. An innovation of our time is a hardware massage, which is performed by special devices programmed for specific…

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Massage with elements of manual therapy is understood as treatment using a whole complex of techniques combining techniques of manual therapy and the well-known classical massage. They are used to correct the general condition of the musculoskeletal system (spine, joints). The beneficial effect and benefits for the body are so excellent due to the beneficial effect on the processes of cerebrospinal fluid circulation and blood circulation.

The main objective of this type of therapy is to block the syndrome, accompanied by pain and the functioning of the spine and bone apparatus.

During the procedure with elements of manual therapy, the therapist, as a rule, applies one of the most effective – point vibration with the technique of traction. They help reduce the load on the joints, block painful foci and all kinds of clamps in the body, help to correct symptoms that are unfavorable for the spine, and help relieve general fatigue.

The main result of such effective therapy is muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation. Just a few sessions will make you feel much better, see the positive dynamics.

“Gentle” therapy techniques in practice occupy a special place. They are more often used in the treatment of children, adolescents and people aged. They make it possible to carry out treatment without complications, strong muscle strain with the help of careful repositioning of the vertebrae. These manipulations do not in any way reduce the effectiveness of the procedures; on the contrary, they will increase its effectiveness.

The main indications for such therapy are:
1. Neurological abnormalities
2. All types of spinal diseases
3. Limitations of joint mobility
4. Headaches and migraines
5. Chronic pain of the cervical spine
6. Scoliosis and disorders of posture
7. Cerebral Palsy
8. Sleep and nervous system disorders

Carrying out massage with elements of manual therapy is possible only by specialists with medical education, extensive experience. Patients undergo special diagnostics, after which they are prescribed a course of a certain number of procedures (1-3 times).

Contraindications to the massage, despite the positive effect of the procedure, are:
1. Abnormal blood pressure
2. Open injuries
3. Inflammatory processes on the skin, having an infectious nature
4. Diseases of the liver
5. Tuberculosis of open or closed type
6. Thrombosis
7. Nervous Disorders
8. The appearance of neoplasms on the body
9. Thrombophlebitis
10. Failure in the heart muscle system
11. Nausea, vomiting

You should seriously take the contraindications listed above. Neglect of these tips can lead to irreversible processes in the body. In all other cases, if you do not have contraindications for massage, the benefits for the body remain undoubted.

That is why preliminary consultation of a specialist is the key to a good result after the treatment.

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