Massage therapy is the main pathogenetic method for the treatment and prevention of injuries and diseases. Medical massage, like any other type of massage, with the right choice of its…

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Neck massage
Self-massage of the neck should be done in the morning: after cleaning, the skin needs to be lubricated with cream. After this, it is necessary to carry out several patting…

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SPORTS MASSAGE Sports massage is used for quick recovery after physical exertion and is an excellent means of preparing the body for training and competition. Distinguish between training, prelaunch and…

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Massage in our salon is a real rest for the soul and a whole holiday for the body. We offer the most popular types of massage and the work of experienced qualified professionals.

It is well known that massage helps to get rid of each of us fatigue, restore lost strength, solve many health problems that prevent people from living a full life for many years. Our professional massage is not just another technique for a successful procedure. Many massage therapists over the years have been developing practice for one hundred percent assimilation in order to achieve perfection. Our professional massage salon offers special programs that can relieve fatigue, help get rid of stress, body aches, and really relax. This type of leisure is a complete rest, restoration of lost strength, the maximum opportunity to relax and experience new sensations. Continue reading


Each new working day is usually associated with stress, nervous situations, making important decisions, a lot of experiences for various reasons. That is why the healing power of massage has always helped men recover quickly, completely relax, and tune into a working mood. Body massage always helps to relax not only the muscles, but also the internal state. It will help the quick elimination of negative thoughts, make tension less noticeable.

Massage for men is, first of all, power massage, it is active, acupressure, worked out to the smallest detail. Its focus is focused on a detailed and intensive study of all muscle groups. In the modern world, a man performs far from one function: an assistant, a getter, a defender of his family. He, as a rule, is purposeful, hardworking and initiative. Continue reading


A quality facial oval massage performed by professional cosmetologists will give you the opportunity to get rid of excessive muscle tone and remove all harmful toxins from the hidden layers of the skin. You cannot achieve this effect at home. One hundred percent result of the procedures carried out in the salon of Moscow will be fresh, supple skin with clear and crisp contours. You can also get a charge of positive and cheerfulness, the stock of which is enough for you for a long time.

Many procedures are used to correct age-related skin changes using effective manual exposure. Depending on age, general condition of the skin, overall health, the services of our salon will allow both men and women: to restore the tone of sagging and lifeless skin, maintain the correct face shape, eliminate a double chin, get rid of excess wrinkles, and significantly reduce wrinkles or suspend their appearance, strengthen the muscles of the facial zone, neck, décolleté. Continue reading


Many, according to an already established tradition, believe that hand massage for a man is, in a way, an excess. However, statistics show that it is massage that can fill a man with energy, self-confidence, swiftness, the ability to clear his mind of everything superfluous and achieve success. How to set it up to achieve all the goals set, how to inspire to commit worthy deeds?

Hand massage is a simple and extremely useful service that can really be the perfect complement to a general massage of the whole body. Many reflexologists are sure that there are many biologically active points on the palms and fingers, and a certain effect on them, in turn, affects the internal organs and general well-being, helps to relax and enjoy. Continue reading


Facial massage, as a rule, is represented by a huge variety, and each, even the most demanding, client can choose for himself one that can solve specific individual problems with facial skin. Despite the fact that massage is one of the most ancient ways of influencing the skin and muscles, its popularity is not declining, but, on the contrary, is growing. Especially important is the fact that not all new advanced hardware technologies are able to compete in efficiency and effectiveness.

Of particular note is our department of manual plastic surgery of the face and sculptural lifting, which is suitable for men. Continue reading

Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen: contraindications for home use
Anti-cellulite massage is a complex mechanical effect on a woman’s skin to eliminate and reduce characteristic tubercles. The technique for performing this procedure involves the use of various types of…


Deep depression caused by prolonged stress, a tragic event, is observed infrequently. But a state of despair, despondency, a decrease in interest in life periodically appears in many. If you…


Hygienic massage
Massage used to promote health, body care, disease prevention, relieve fatigue (overwork), etc., is called hygienic. Hygienic massage was used by ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek warriors as a means…


History of massage
Massage has long been used for the purpose of non-drug prevention and treatment of diseases. For millennia, massage techniques and techniques have been constantly improved. Therefore, over time, it not…