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One of the most common urological and gynecological pathologies is urinary incontinence, which can be associated with infections, trauma, chronic diseases or with the consequences of surgery. This state can be short-term, when the process of regulating urine retention is quickly restored. But, unfortunately, sometimes for a full recovery of normal urination takes a long time. Despite this, a person must continue to work, communicate with others, attend public events.

In order to provide such patients with comfort and the opportunity to live a full life, modern industry produces diapers with varying degrees of absorbency.

To help users understand the variety of such products and choose the most suitable option, this article discusses the following issues:

  • What are diapers and their structure.
  • The shape of the diaper.
  • Basic actions.
  • Scheme for determining the size.
  • The most popular manufacturers.
  • Where you can buy.
  • What are diapers and their structure

Diapers (pampers) for adults are a kind of underwear that provides dryness in cases when urination is impaired, or there is no possibility to visit a familiar toilet (for example, climbers or divers). But most often these products are used to care for patients, as well as for those who, despite involuntary urination, continue to lead a familiar life.

Pampers for adults of any brand are 3-layer products:

  1. Made of soft fabric inner layer with one-way throughput – the liquid gets inside the diaper and can not go outside. The material should be hypoallergenic, do not irritate the skin and protect it from the action of urine.
  2. The absorbent core is made from a combination of cellulose with various superabsorbents that have an increased moisture absorbing capacity and when converted to water they are converted to a gelatinous mass.
  3. The outer layer is in contact with clothing, which prevents the liquid from escaping outwards. Most often, these are materials that absorb water, turn into a gel.
  4. Diaper shape

There are four types of diapers, differing in form:

  • Diapers in the form of panties, they almost do not differ from the usual underwear. Suitable for active users – easily removed and dressed, do not whisper under the outer clothing;
  • Closed diapers with sides and velcro fasteners, which are similar to ordinary baby pampers. More suitable for recumbent patients – they are easier to lay and pull out from under the lying patient or fix on the belt;
  • Half-open type – without sides, with a belt. They are located on the hips, leaving a much larger body surface open than the diapers of a closed type. Good for patients with sensitive skin prone to diaper rash;
  • Open type, which are worn with reticulated swimming trunks. Ideal for patients who are prone to fatness.
  • Basic Actions

Diapers for adults perform several functions:

  1. keep the liquid inside, ensuring the cleanliness and comfort of the user;
  2. keep smells, which is especially important in the care of bed patients.
  3. Absorbency of various diapers ranged from 1000 to 4000 ml, which makes it possible to choose the diaper most suitable for each particular user.

Some manufacturers supply diapers with special filling indicators, in the form of a strip that changes color at the time when it absorbs as much liquid as possible.

Scheme of size determination

The size of diapers for adults is determined by the volume of the waist, in contrast to children’s diapers, where the size is determined by the weight of the baby.

Diapers for adults come in the following sizes: XS – super small, S-small, M – medium, L – large, XL – super large. The scale and marking is different for different manufacturers.

Most Popular Manufacturers

Different manufacturers are represented on the market. The main market share is occupied by products Tena (Netherlands), Seni (Poland), Abena (Denmark), MyCo (China).

Nappies Diapers:

  • “TENA Pants Normal” – diapers in the form of habitual panties for active patients suffering from incontinence of moderate severity.
  • Produced using technology. FeelDry TM, fixed at the waist with soft rubber bands, hydrophobic protective barriers on the sides prevent leakage. For convenient disposal are equipped with adhesive tape.
  • Suitable for men and women – unisex.
  • Made of a material that has the properties of ordinary cotton fabric, due to which, absolutely imperceptible under the clothes, do not whisper at movements;
  • “TENA Slip” is made using ConfioAir technology – with side inserts for free passage of air flows. Fastening fasteners, which can be repeatedly buttoned / unfastened;
  • “TENA Slip Plus” is made using FeelDry TM technology. For enhanced moisture absorption, the diaper is a two-layer diaper, it provides protection for severe and moderate incontinence. The moment of changing the diaper can be easily determined, thanks to the presence of a fill indicator in the form of a strip that is dyed blue. Odour Neutralizer technology prevents the spread and development of unwanted odors. The anatomically shaped gums and the waistband securely hold the diaper;
  • “TENA Slip Super”, manufactured using FeelDry TM technology with the Flexifit belt for moderate to severe incontinence. Particularly strong fixation, thanks to the anatomically shaped belt. Diapers made using ConfioAir technology pass air flows well, preventing the formation of diaper rashes and inflammation foci. Fixed with a wide durable Velcro. Odour Neutralizer for complete absorption of odor and prevention of its spread. The filling indicator is a strip of yellow color that changes its color to blue, signaling the need for replacement