Secrets of the longevity of the famous people

In our modern crazy world, every day, it becomes increasingly difficult to resist the huge speed of life. This applies to both sexes. But, it’s no secret that it is much more difficult for men to resist the realities of life. A lot of tests fall on the share of the modern man. Historically, it turned out that in a man at the genetic level, programs and a getter, a guard, and a successor to the human race are laid.

Sean Connery 83 years old

And if earlier it was enough to plant a tree, build a house and have a son, then now you have to resist the influence of daily stress and the crazy rhythm of life. All this negatively affects the health of men and, as a consequence, the average life expectancy. How to keep your health for many years of a happy life? Famous long-livers share their secrets with you. Based on recommendations on longevity, from celebrities, we created a set of ten rules.

Ten treasured rules of longevity

Rule one : DO NOT WORRY. Even if you are a representative of a profession associated with heavy physical labor, you only need two thousand kilocalories per day. Observing this simple rule, you can control your weight, and thereby maintain the activity of cells, while arranging unloading them.

Valentin Gaft 78 years old

Rule two : YOUR AGE SHOULD BE CORRESPONDING AND YOUR MENU. Thirty-year-old men will have wrinkles much later if they regularly eat biscuits and nuts. People at the age of forty need beta-carotene, which is enough in carrots, as well as in other fruits and vegetables of yellow, red and orange. After fifty years, magnesium supports in the form of the heart, and calcium – bones. After fifty, eating fish, men will protect the blood vessels and heart.

Rule three : DO NOT HURRY FOR PENSION. As long as possible, keep the activity and cheerfulness of the spirit. If possible, do not stop working. Even if you left your previous workplace, this is no reason to settle down at home on the couch with a newspaper. Find a lesson for yourself. A non-working person on average looks older than his age by five years, the scientists found. According to sociologists, some specialties help to save youth. Among long-livers, conductors, actors, philosophers, artists and priests predominate. You can always master one of the creative professions as a hobby.

Charles Aznavour 90 years old

Rule four : ELIXIR YOUTH – SEX. Endorphins, it is these magic hormones that can prolong your life in happiness and health. They strengthen the human immune system. A person who has sex twice a week, looks fourteen years younger than their peers. Take this into consideration, but this does not mean that you have to try to observe all the rules to the detriment of your health.

Rule five : NEVER DETACH. Not only doctors say that optimists live much longer than pessimists. Look at the photos of famous long-livers, they are all in excellent physical shape and with an unchanged smile on their face. No matter how depressing, make yourself smile with a new day and try to keep a great mood for the whole day.

Rule Six: MOVE. Movement is life. You all know this expression. And it is true. It is this golden rule that helps to feel in great physical shape. Just five minutes of exercise a day, can prolong your life. In the process of playing sports, growth hormone is produced, which contributes positively to the additional age abilities of the organism.

Sergey Jursky 79 years old

Rule seven : RELAX IN A COOL PREMISE. Teach yourself to sleep with an open window. If you are not a fan of drafts, then ventilate whenever possible the room in which you sleep. Anyone who rests at a temperature of seventeen degrees Celsius, the longer remains young. After all, in the body, the metabolism depends on the temperature around us.

Rule eight : STOK AS IT CAN MORE TO GET POSITIVE EMOTIONS. A pledge of excellent mood for the whole day may be hidden in a trivially read book, or in a listened music piece from the very morning. Sometimes it is worthwhile to afford a variety of pleasures: a high-calorie piece of cake, a long spree with friends until the morning, reading a detective for a long time, dancing before dawn – all this contributes to the longevity of life! Allow yourself small pleasures and weaknesses, they can prolong the happy state for a few days.

Kirk Douglas 97 years old

Rule ninth : DO NOT STOP WALKING INSIDE, GIVE IT OUT OF ITS OUT. This is the main advice, how to keep balance and well-being. It is not by chance that the main testament of many Buddhists is the advice on forgiveness and getting rid of offenses. Do not accumulate negative emotions in yourself. According to statistics, sixty-four percent of cancer patients suppressed anger within themselves.

The rule is the tenth : PROVIDE WORK GRAY CELLS. In order never to be haunted by the fear of senile senility, follow this simple rule. Read a lot, solve crosswords, study foreign languages, count without a calculator and so on. Forcing your brain to work, the person keeps his head light and activates the circulatory system, the heart, and metabolism.

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