What is healthy aging

Aging is a natural process that occurs with every person. With age, well-being largely depends on the way of life, the presence of hereditary diseases and the characteristics of the organism. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, take care of your health and know how to avoid stressful situations, you can prevent or slow down health problems that often occur with age. If you have bad habits, then it’s time to abandon them in favor of good ones.

Aging: what’s going on

Age changes in the body occur gradually. First of all, physiology changes. The rate of burning calories (metabolism) slows down, why in old age, many people gain weight. This is especially true of inactive people.

The aging process is accompanied by a decrease in visual acuity and hearing. In old age, many people use glasses and hearing aids.

Since the age of 40 years, fragility, graying and hair loss have been observed.

Aging is associated with a worsening of the genitourinary system (reduced sexual desire, slowed down reaction, possible problems with urination).

With age, the performance of most vital organs and systems worsens, which is exacerbated by physical inactivity and malnutrition. Therefore, in the elderly, it is very important to eat well, drink plenty of water and maintain physical activity.

Approaching old age: how to maintain good health

How to keep well-being

One of the most valuable contributions to maintaining one’s health is physical activity. Regular training improves well-being and strengthens the body. People physically active are less susceptible to depressive conditions. Under physical activity refers to any movement, starting with the work in the garden, around the house, walk and ending with dancing, workouts in the gym. The main thing is to be active regularly. Lesson for the soul can be found at any age. If there are any diseases, it is necessary to consult a physician about choosing the appropriate physical activity.

In the extension of youth, an important role is played by mental and mental-emotional health. It is necessary to live every day with interest, enthusiasm, then life is filled with meaning, joy. From this, immunity increases and diseases recede. To improve and maintain emotional health, relationships with family, friends, and society help. People who are connected with other people have more resources for a healthy life and healthy aging. At the same time, everyday stresses must be minimized. Psychological load can be removed, giving 20 minutes of relaxation through music, a warm bath, viewing a pleasant transfer, sleep, etc.

  • Constantly train your brain to maintain mental acuity and improve memory.
  • Do not abuse alcohol, smoking, exclude drugs from your life.
  • Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins, microelements. Avoid excessively oily, salty, spicy and fried foods.
  • Observe all of the above recommendations is simple, but the result is worthy: the extension of youth, health and life.

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