Women’s health in old age

For every woman, age is perhaps the greatest fear. But do not be afraid of the post-menopausal period. After all, if you take responsibility with your own health, then in old age you can remain vigorous, full of vitality and energy and get a lot of pleasures from life, when there is no need to get up every day for work. It’s not for nothing that they say that with the retirement, life is just beginning.

What is the postmenopausal period

Doctors say that for the post-menopausal period there is no clearly defined framework, each woman starts differently and also individually. On average, it is considered that the postmenopausal period begins after sixty years. During this period, the female body is characterized by some natural changes, which many greatly intimidate.

Natural restructuring of the body in the post-menopausal period

As a rule, the natural restructuring of the body during this period is slow, and for many women is completely invisible. This time interval lasts from one to five years, and its course depends on the following factors:

  • Conditions of life.
  • Conditions of work.
  • Presence of chronic diseases, including gynecological diseases.
  • The presence and nature of sexual life, both earlier and in this period.
  • Character of a woman.
  • What signs are not characteristic during the postmenopausal period for women’s health

Every woman should remember that the extinction of the reproductive function should not be accompanied by serious troubles, for example, such as the omission of the uterus and vagina, urinary incontinence and others. To avoid this, it is necessary to follow your own health from a young age and to treat gynecological diseases in a timely manner.

Even in the post-menopausal period, that is, one year after stopping menstruation and later, a woman should regularly undergo gynecological examinations. After all, during this period, when the body lacks hormones, various diseases of the genitourinary sphere, including cancer, can develop.

How to save women’s health in old age

The realities of modern life are such that women live on average ten to fifteen years longer than men, so, unfortunately, in old age, many women remain single. Of course, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren will help brighten up the loneliness, but not to become a burden to relatives, to greet each new day with joy, to remain vigorous to old age, to care for themselves and even help their relatives, each woman must adhere to the following rules:

Regular hygiene procedures. It should be in any period of life to always keep your body clean, including, and properly take care of the sexual organs. This will prevent a lot of problems in the postmenopausal period.

Proper nutrition. Hormonal changes in the body oblige women of old age to adhere to a certain diet. During this period, you should eat more vegetables and fruits, milk and dairy products, rich in calcium, there are fewer animal fats and carbohydrates.

Regular physical activity. To the nervous system was in perfect order, and all body systems functioned normally, one should accustom oneself to regular sports activities. Do not stress the body with power exercises, light jogging or walking, morning exercises, swimming, pilates, stretching or yoga are the sports that are necessary for the female body at any age.

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