Cholesterol: control and once again control

Cholesterol is not a terrible beast that wants to spoil your life with serious illnesses. No need to convulsively control its level, believing that the negative impact is only fatty foods and an overabundance of eggs in the diet, because 80% of all the cholesterol in the body produces our liver. Are you surprised? The opinion of a specialist, the rules for a normal life without control of cholesterol, and what kind of medicine is Ursofalk.

The level of cholesterol in the blood requires serious control, and if you think about it in advance, then do not allow such problems as angina, atherosclerosis, the formation of blood clots, cholesterol plaques, etc. Often people for the time being do not suspect the problem that exists in their body. According to experts, there are five ways that help keep cholesterol under control.

Basic rules for controlling cholesterol

Cholesterol in itself is not terrible, because it is 80% produced by our liver, the rest of the volume we add nutrition and the wrong way of life. More dangerous is its critical level in the blood. So, what to do:

  • Control your weight.
  • Watch for the amount of saturated fat in the foods you eat.
  • Give up the products with trans fats.
  • Say no to bad habits.
  • Go in for sports.
  • Note that cholesterol is involved in a number of chemical processes, without which the body can not live.

Ursofalk protects the body from poisons

Reception of this drug allows to strengthen and protect liver cells from toxic fatty acids, has a cholagogue effect. Ursofalk prevents the formation of cholesterol stones, and also effectively removes them from the liver

(In the process of life in the gallbladder and bile ducts cholesterol stones can be formed, but under the action of the drug they dissolve). This result is achieved by suppressing the production of cholesterol in the liver, as well as reducing its absorption in the intestine. Due to the choleretic effect, ursophane reduces the production of cholesterol, thus reducing the ability of bile to form stones. The drug also helps to reduce blood sugar, stimulates the activity of excretion of substances that decompose fats.

“With stones, acute inflammation in the liver, intestines, biliary tract and gall bladder, which does not function, ursofalk is not prescribed. If there are no such contraindications, then the drug works effectively, “- says the doctor-gastroenterologist Kuzymchak LI.

Recall that cholesterol can be easily controlled by proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and sports, but if it so happens that this is not enough, the gastroenterologist will prescribe the necessary treatment, taking into account the features of your diagnosis.

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