Massage arose at the dawn of human development. Ancient people in an attempt to eliminate pain rubbed and pressed on the sore spots. It is difficult to name a specific…

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Jar massage of the abdomen for weight loss at home
Belly is one of the most problematic places of all girls and women. Fats are stored most quickly here, and it’s very, very difficult to “drive” them away, because nature…

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Types of massage
A single classification of massage does not currently exist. The currently accepted generally accepted schemes for the separation of massage groups and methods are not, in our opinion, complete and…

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In the cervical-collar region are the most important elements of the muscular, nervous system. Circulatory disturbance, adhesions, salt deposits adversely affect the condition of the whole organism, and cause serious diseases. Neck massage in Moscow is one of the most popular preventive and therapeutic procedures. The specifics of modern life makes the cervical-collar department at risk. Professional massage eliminates existing problems.

Neck massage appointment

The main posture of modern man has become a sitting position. Universal mechanization, computerization significantly narrowed the areas requiring vigorous activity. We spend most of our lives on television screens, computer monitors, and transport. At this time in the collar zone: Continue reading


Deep depression caused by prolonged stress, a tragic event, is observed infrequently. But a state of despair, despondency, a decrease in interest in life periodically appears in many. If you do not take measures, allow the situation to develop, a nervous breakdown, the development of a serious disease that requires the help of doctors is not ruled out. In the fight against stress, depressive states, not only drugs help. Special therapeutic massage in Moscow is offered in many clinics.

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All movements of the body and limbs are provided by the muscular system. Individual tissues contract, return to their original position, providing the necessary processes. If for some reason a malfunction in muscle function occurs, the tension persists for a certain time, a spasm occurs. This condition is expressed by aching or acute pain, limited mobility.

A decrease in elasticity can be observed in various muscle groups. Often such problems occur in the lower extremities, which have to experience high loads. Qualified foot massage in Moscow is carried out in many clinics, it is performed by private specialists. This procedure will help get rid of spasm.

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According to statistics, 20% of the world’s population experiences back pain. There are many reasons for this problem; getting rid of it is very difficult. Among the effective remedies that eliminate pain, the most popular is massage. The course of professional procedures allows you to forget about discomfort, restrictions on movement for a long time. Qualified back massage in Moscow is offered in medical clinics, private offices. The procedure provides real help, but five more important additions are needed to increase its effectiveness.

Core muscle system training
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The best relaxing massage is full of sensuality, incomparable, emotional relaxation for the beautiful half of our planet. Getting a portion of pleasant sensations, you can not only relax completely, but also get unforgettable sensations that you have not previously experienced. For this kind of massage, men of different ages and positions come. For customers with time restrictions, we offer an accelerated program that will give you the opportunity to get a good discharge in a minimum amount of time. The perfect combination of Thai techniques and a pleasant massage will allow you to fill up with invigorating strength and energy for a long time. This is the place where professionals will help you in their field: they will determine and eliminate muscle clamps, and will help you tune a man in the right way. Continue reading

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Hygienic massage
Massage used to promote health, body care, disease prevention, relieve fatigue (overwork), etc., is called hygienic. Hygienic massage was used by ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek warriors as a means…


Facial massage, as a rule, is represented by a huge variety, and each, even the most demanding, client can choose for himself one that can solve specific individual problems with…


Indications and contraindications for the appointment of massage
Massage is necessary for everyone - both adults and children, and the elderly (in the absence of contraindications). First of all, massage is necessary for healthy people to maintain good…


MASSAGE RECEPTIONS In the Russian classical school of massage, there are 4 main and several additional techniques for its implementation: 1. Stroking: - mechanical impact on biological tissue with the…